The Moon Shells

The Moon Shells are a new project from Maggie Shar, Laura Murawski, and Brian Slattery, who met one another through the Appalachian fiddle community in 2015 and started playing together as often as they could. As musicians they were drawn to each other by a shared sense of rhythm and improvisation, grounded in the Appalachian fiddle tradition but drawing from the many kinds of music they love from Louisiana, West Africa, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere, to create a sound that’s emotional and groovy at the same time.

In 2018 Maggie and Brian found themselves writing songs and tunes together as well—enough for an album—and began recording them in earnest. They asked Laura to join them in bringing the songs to life for a live crowd. They’ll celebrate the release of this album, Seaside Asylum, this spring. The three of them are already conspiring on future recordings, but always circle back to playing the fiddle tunes that brought them together in the first place.

Stay tuned for more details, coming shortly.

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“Fireworks” and “Seaside Asylum” are both from Seaside Asylum and produced by Joseph DeJarnette of Studio 808A in Floyd, VA. Maggie and Brian wrote the music and lyrics to “Fireworks” and “Sally in the Rye” through long chains of emails. The music to “Sally in the Rye” is based on Harvey Sampson’s “Sally Coming through the Rye.” Maggie and Brian wrote “Seaside Asylum,” a fiddle tune, spontaneously at Clifftop in the summer of 2018.




April 27, 2019: House concert and CD release at the house of Harry Bolick and Pat Schories, Hopewell Junction, NY. Contact us through the form at the bottom of the page for details.

October 5, 2019: Montague Book Mill, Montague, MA.

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